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Forma | The Network for Christian Formation, is a ministry of the Episcopal Church Foundation and has members from many different backgrounds. We have options for everyone's ministry context:

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Full time, paid professional members - You serve in a ministry setting where you work more than 30 hours per week, are paid a living wage, and receive health insurance. Your membership at $75 per year ensures Forma is a resource for other formation practitioners that do not have the same vocation opportunities.

Part-time, paid professional - You serve in a ministry setting where you were hired to work less than 30 hours per week, it is likely that you work much more than that! You may earn an hourly wage, or have a salary. Your membership at $50 per year ensures that Forma can advocate for your profession and fight for your rights in the Church.

Volunteer Formation practitioner - You are the backbone of the Church. Perhaps you are a committed Sunday School teacher, or you have been asked to organize all the formation activities at your church. Forma is here for you. Your membership at $25 per year helps Forma reach further out into the Church to help volunteers like you.

Seminarians, students, retired formation professionals, and other people interested in joining Forma for any reason are asked to join at the "volunteer" rate. This would include anyone in the mission field such as: Young Adult Service Corps, Episcopal Service Corps, members of a religious order or intentional Christian Community, etc.


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